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Caz lives in Seattle with two catsLincoln and Jefferson, a dogAda Jolene Bedelia-Baskerville, and a human named Andrea. When not walking around the outdoors he can be found cooking things made out of plants and mushrooms, volunteering in the gift shop of an English-style conservatoryThe Volunteer Park Conservatory, and occasionally writing things (like this).

During the week, he works as a Tech Lead at, where he helps his team plan, estimate, and deliver on new features. He also mentors and advocates for his fellow engineers, drives improvements to processes, drinks lots of tea, and plays with dogsAn interview about it.

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Things to remeber

There are a handful of quotes I suppose I should put somewhere. Here they are.

He who asks, gets.

Grace Ralston

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.